Monday, 30 November 2009

I've written my first an online freelance journalist...yippee!

This morning I got up so early and wrote my first article for the online website. Just before I dropped off to sleep I had the idea to write the article on intuition. What is it and how reliable is it. Then when I woke up this morning I felt the resistance I always feel when it comes to me writing something new. I am much better replying to posts. I am copying the response I got from a guy to a couple of the replies I posted on Facebook. He says: I have met many other enlightened souls in my life, especially in the current phase of my journey thru this "reality", you are very exceptional among those that I have encountered. You possess a strong depth of understanding of spiritual matters with a high level of spiritual energy.' It is feedback like this that will keep me keeping on

I didn't write to the word count deadline because I want to see the kind of feedback the article will receive and I know that my picture suggestions were not good. This is an area that I struggle with how to find and download pictures. It was part of the design module of my journalism course and the design part was what I struggled with the most but my friend Lotus is brilliant on finding pics so I will go over to her and get some extra tuition. The online website has great tutorials also which I can study to get myself better and up to speed. The rate of pay is 2.5p a word and this morning I wrote 500 words in less than an hour which resulted in a huge degree of satisfaction. I am getting paid for doing what I love and it's not coming out of ordinary people's pockets, this to me is integrity. The challenge for me now is to up my game for every article. I have been guaranteed feedback on the article in less than 24 hours and I cannot submit another until the feedback has been received so it's run quite tightly which is good.

I had a look at the articles that are already there on spiritual stuff and was disappointed when I saw a recent one on kundalini and the chakras. This means that I have to wait a while before submitting a similar article so between getting together ideas for my at least ten articles for three months, and scouring metaphysical and spiritual websites to leave comments on to expand my profile I'm a busy little bee. But I have never felt so fulfilled and happy.

I am aware that I haven't been to a kundalini yoga class in a while and am beginning to miss it. I know that there is one close to where I live on Wednesday evenings and as there is no toastmasters evening tomorrow I am going to schedule it in my diary to go. I feel this energy moving spontaneously within me and want to get back into a proper context for it to be at its most strongest and powerful. The comment that was made about my 'high level of spiritual energy' is not me but this energy that is moving through me.....I never lose sight of that..not for a moment...

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