Wednesday, 8 August 2007

More on the universal laws......

I brought my thinking about the laws of the universe into my early morning spinning class this morning and it was amazing the insights I had while I was cycling furiously. I had an insight that the universe is held together by these universal laws. The Big Bang, where from nothing came something, created these laws. Gradually scientists are discovering them and how they hold the universe together.

Some of the laws are obvious, scientifically proven and validated. Two these are the law of gravity and the law of relativity. These laws work always and ever the same. If I try to fly from the top of the building where I work, it doesn't matter whether I am a good person or not, I will fall down.

Other laws are not so obvious, at least not at the present time. I will refer to these as soft laws, soft in that they have not been scientifically proven and their existence and how they operate is down to the person who says that they work for them.

Some of these are

1. The law of gratitude
2. The law of cause and effect (karma)
3. The law of attraction

At one point in the class this morning the spinning instructor asked us to think about something we were grateful for. He said think about something you are grateful for and see how much faster you cycle as a result'. He was right, I almost catapulted myself off the bike with the speed I ran those pedals. This law is operating each time we feel grateful for something and it works by producing a kind of melting which frees up energy so more is available.

It struck me that if these laws work always and ever the same then there is nothing personal about them. They will work in the same way for everyone. If this is true it seems a total waste of energy to resist the things that happen to us. Useless because at the deepest level what has happened is only some universal law working that we may not even be aware of. This could also explain why bad things happen to good people. The law of karma and reaping what you sow from different lifetimes obeys a law and has nothing to do with the life of the person living in this life (if that makes sense). I appreciate that to subscribe to the law of karma you have to believe in re-incarnation which I do so there is no conflict for me here.

After all these insights I was on quite a high coming into work. Then..the bubble crashed. In my email inbox I saw 'budget spreadsheet' and my heart sank into the ground. My nightmare was in my inbox. Whenever anyone speaks to me about spreadsheets it's like my mind is enveloped in this thick black dense fog and there is absolutely no comprehension.

This was a spreadsheet to beat all spreadsheets with its zillions of columns all with formula's (to make my life easier!!). When I opened it, I lost the will to live and I just wanted to run. I know that I have written in some entry that I don't suffer from stress but at that moment my whole being was consumed with panic. I decided to speak to the oracle that had created the horrific creature. But what I didn't realise is that those who produce these nightmares do not explain their workings in a simple easy to understand way. Coming away from him, none the wiser but grateful for the time and patience he had showed to me, I resolved always to make things simple.

For me simple is good and is the way life is meant to be. It is the mind that wants to complicate everything. This is why I try when I am writing to be as clear as I can about aspects of the spiritual. This is not to patronise the reader but to acknowledge that the mind likes to complicate the field of spirituality. This is to prevent the message getting through to the soul. When the concepts are written about in a complicated way the mind can have a great time tossing them around and building on them even more elaborate theories. All of this is a distraction to the real work which is by passing the mind to get to the soul which has a much simple, straight forward take on the whole thing.

So the contrast of this day has been incredible. I went from feeling so connected and filled with bliss to being completely frazzled and with a blinding headache. And the cause of all this - one nasty spreadsheet!

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