Saturday, 27 October 2007

Panic over....I'm in.....

I'm back! It must have been something in the google operations on the other computer which resulted in me not being able to get in to write a new post. I am aware though that what I write is controversial. I have a duty as a writer to also be responsible. To take responsibility for how what I write might impact on those who are reading it. This is something that up to now I hadn't really taken on. I understand now that my own ideas about what's going to happen are only that, ideas and as a result I resolve to only deal with things as they happen. I am not a prophet in that I can't foresee what is going to happen in the future. I get strong feelings and intuitions but these are subjective, personal to me. It is me coming from ego to pretend that I know anything over and above these subjective and personal intuitions.

On the screen saver on the computer I was using today was the most beautiful autumn scene. Russet coloured leaves formed a canopy over the ground leaving a shadow. I sat and gazed so often at this. Now I am sitting at home I can recreate the scene in my mind. That is the beauty of seeing something once, it can always be recreated to give the same peace and calm and nurturing that it did on first seeing it.

I called the nursing home today to see how my dad was doing. I spoke to a lovely nurse who said such lovely things about my dad and the gentle man he is. As she was speaking I felt a real longing to see him. I was delighted to hear that he is doing well. I feel strongly that we will have a drink together at Christmas which will be lovely.

I'm knackered now and am meeting a friend for a drink so I'll sign out confident that I can get back into it tomorrow evening. The experience was good though in making me see my responsibility in maintaining a blog of this nature.