Wednesday, 3 October 2007

To DO or to BE.......

I woke up at 7am this morning. I lay awake in that non-doing state which I recognise now as a state of bliss. Oftentimes the first thought I have is all about the things I have to do i.e. get up, shower, breakfast etc. In all of this 'being' is lost. What is not very well known however is that resisting the urge to 'DO' first thing in the morning and taking on a state of 'non-doing' or BEING will make for a more powerful and stress free day thanwhen the mind wakes up with that drive to 'DO'.

I was called on Monday from Landmark because I had missed the last session. I find this an incredibly powerful service. The man recreated what it was that I had missed. He was speaking about this unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves with this emphasis on 'doing' the minute we wake up. He told me about his gran who every morning would get up make a cup of tea and sit at her Aga (I think this is a kind of cooker'). She would spend 15 minutes there just sitting. Afterwards her mood would be completely transformed. We seem to think that if we keep doing, then we will have and then we can achieve happiness and contentment. I do not think that this is the right order. From my experience you have to come from a state of being first, and from that state Do and then the fruits will come.

Each morning for my operation I made being my priority. From a BEING that was fun and freedom I took the actions and as a result have had a recovery that has been quicker than normal (so I'm told). I was committed to putting my possibility and what I was being, before anything I had to do. When we take actions from a state of being, they are in tune with the universe and flow effortlessly. Every time I go out I see so many people on mobile phones. The pressure to 'DO' these days is more intense than at any time. To 'Be' is to risk being labelled as lazy. Yet it is only out of a state of being that powerful doing can arise. Doing for doing's sake without a context of being is a bit like a hamster going around on a wheel. Lots of 'doing' but not very many results. So as a game why not taking on having as the first thought tomorrow morning 'what do I have to do', to 'who am I going to be' and see if there is anything different about the day. Creating a way of being does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as creating the being of joy, or kindness. In order to keep it alive during the day it will have to be constantly created. This is the challenge of living life from a state of 'being' and not of 'doing'.

This evening I am going to hear a friend of mine give a talk. I have heard this guy speak many times and every time I come away inspired and with more to think about. We worked together as volunteers for Alternatives and had long chats about spirituality and the brain. He is working on a theory of the brain that will explain consciousness. I find this so exciting. He has developed a very comprehensive website with these brain theories as well as lots of material on the prophesies and world religions. It is well worth checking out. Here is the link

Today I had a routine eye examination. I asked the optician what exactly is the problem with my right eye. She explained that my right eye is short sighted and my left eye is long sighted. As a result the brain ignores all of the impulses coming from the right eye, only taking those from the left eye to make sense of the world. From what she said I don't see any reason to deviate from my suspicion that the right side of the brain is working harder to make up for the lack of stimulation to the left, much in the same way that one kidney will work harder if the second is not functioning properly. This is an idea of my own that is stubborn in its persistence. My spiritual writings, insights and intuitions are so much a part of me that there is no learning involved. This could only be if my consciousness was coming from the right side of the brain.

I have already mentioned the fact that Gordon Brown who is the new England Prime Minister has a glass eye in his left eye. This might mean no stimulation going to the right brain. The left brain is all to do with strategy. This to me is so obvious in his latest action which was to spring a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq and while there announce that 1,000 British soldiers would soon be coming home. This was a strategic move on his part. The perceived spin aspect which he has been accused of by the irate Tories is just part of the strategy. In Gordon Brown you will find the ultimate strategist if you watch him carefully. Strategy will be what will drive him, not presentation, charisma solely strategy.

I have just finished hearing the speech that David Cameron delivered at the conference in Blackpool. This was more a speech with right brain leanings. It was personal, persuasive, at times emotive. It was also light on the strategy angle which is to be expected. The Tories are furious about Gordon Brown announcing the decision to bring home troops because they see it as spin. An attempt to take the limelight away from the Tory party conference. When you are a strategist and all you know is strategy then anything goes. There is little right brain reining in in terms of looking good to others. What others think is the last thing he is concerned about. Not because he has consciously decided this but because it's not in his nature. Even his decision about whether or not to hold a general electon in November it will be strategy he will be considering not his popularity in the country.

People feel safe with this level of strategy which is why he is suddenly so popular. There is something that welcomes wholeheartedly this change if political style. I would think that if he were to call a general election that he would get elected. However the Tories have come up with some attractive proposals for tax i.e. taking homes out of inheritance tax and abolishing stamp duty for first time buyers that are also attractive.

These ideas of mine might be totally wrong and they are only my ideas but for me Gordon Brown is the most fascinating man alive today and I watch everything he does and says with so much interest......

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